Building upon our successes and opportunities from prior years, the CIPE Curriculum Committee is making improvements to the curriculum materials, training, and implementation.

This series of three 3-hour sessions (Phase I) involves interprofessional collaboration with audiology, genetic counseling, medicine, nursing, occupational therapy, pharmacy, and physical therapy learners from Goldfarb School of Nursing, University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy, and Washington University School of Medicine. Approximately 500 first-year health professional learners participate in this curriculum annually. 

Phase I focuses on the social and structural determinants of health (SSDOH) and collaborative communication strategies. 

Session 1 

Learners meet their interprofessional team, practice listen actively and start to identify, at a basic level, the scope of practice and roles and responsibilities of the CIPE professions.  

Session 2 

Learners learn and practice collaborative communication skills and understand the roles and responsibilities of interprofessional team members caring for client/patient with diabetes mellitus type II. 

Session 3

Learners use their knowledge of SSDOH and collaborative communication skills to brainstorm strategies for a real client/patient with diabetes mellitus type II who navigated the health care system.