“[After facilitating SPTE], as a student I feel that the SPTE experience is what health professional students need before entering the real world. The light bulb went off while I was facilitating that the sole purpose of this experience was for us students to learn from one another how to collaborate to provide clients/patients with the best care, not to necessarily find the correct diagnosis or treatment plan.” 

Anastasia Jones, Pharmacy APPE Intern 

A team of IP learners work with their client/patient during an SPTE session

“I could not have asked for a better first rotation…there is so much I have learned here that I will get to implement for the rest of my career. Specifically, what a quality team looks like and how I, myself, can be a better teammate and a better leader.”

Cynthia Arackal, Pharmacy APPE Intern 
CIPE MPH Intern Beesan Daoud and Nursing Student Jovan Romero with the attendees of the Cooking & Nutrition for Diabetes session developed for CIPE’s community partner, Rejuvenating Comprehensive Services

One huge strength is the opportunity to build connections with students from other healthcare professions and see how everyone can work together to provide patient-centered care.

Another strength is the ability to see how social determinants of health can impact patient care and what resources we can provide to participants to navigate the healthcare system.”

Hotspotting Learner